Vine Leasing


Have you ever dreamed of owning a Vineyard and entertaining friends with your own custom labelled, quality wine? With our Vine Leasing Scheme, you can do just that! For more detail, including a full table of costs and options to produce still, sparkling or a combination of wines from your lease, just visit our Vine Leasing page or get in touch to speak to one of the team. How does it work? You will receive a personalised certificate with details of your vines and their location. You can lease 15, 30 or 50 vines for £300, £570.60 or £860.00. The vines will yield 30, 60 or 100 bottles per year, and you can lease for one or three years. Can I visit the vineyard? Of course! Explore the Chet and Waveney Vineyard, check on the progress of your vines and why not bring a summer picnic too? Lease holders are invited to bring up to 5 guests on a vineyard tour and wine tasting per year. You're invited to take part in the harvest, meet the team and pick your own grapes at our exclusive lease holder event. When can I taste my wine? The summer after your grapes are harvested, you'll be invited to a special event on the vineyard with a guest speaker, winery tour and a 2 course meal. Meet your vine neighbours, taste your own wine for the first time and much more! Exclusive discounts* The wine yield from your lease already constitutes a significant discount, but we're delighted to offer lease holders an additional 10% off our full range of Chet and Waveney wines. *Discount does not apply to existing offers or to sale items.