Spring plantings at the Chet Vineyard

April update for Chet and Waveney Valley Vineyard

John has been busy planting new trees and shrubs on the vineyard following a grant from the woodland Trust Norfolk Farming & Wildlife Advisory GroupWoodland Trust. These have mostly been located in the field that runs alongside Gravel pit Lane, the following have been planted :-

1075 Crataegus Monogyna (Hawthorn)

215 Prunus Spinosa (Black thorn)

215 Corylus Avellana (Hazel)

215 Acer Camperstre (Field Maple)

108 Malus Sylvestris (Crab Apple)

108 Cornus Sanguinea (Dog Wood)

108 Rosa Canina (Dog rose)

22 Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry)

22 Quercus Robur (Oak)

22 Carpinus Betulus (Horn Beam)

22 Tilia Cordata (Lime)

20 Sorbus Aucuparia (Rowan)

2,152 shrubs and trees in total

These will certainly look quite a picture when they are established and in flower in the years to come. The pruning of the vines has been completed at long last – in time for the sap to rise and Spring to commence with buds about to emerge in AprilMay/MayJune time. We hope and pray for no late frosts this year (Or hail stones of course).

Hemmant family planting a hedge on the newly acquired field adjacent to Gravelpit lane in Bergh Apton. These bushes and trees will help shelter the new vines when they are planted. Adding to the permaculture and providing a habitat for many animals and birds.

We have also just planted another 7,000 vines at Chet Vineyard - Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc - which have come from Germany and France.

Our 2015 and 2016 sparkling wine Horatio has been entered into a couple of competitions – the results are awaited. Horatio is now being stocked at Harper Wells on Ber Street and in Jarrolds, plus in The Norfolk Deli in Hunstanton. As time goes on we hope to be stocked at more small Deli’s in East Anglia and some specialist wine shops in the UK. Closer to home we are still stocked at Green Pastures food shop and restaurant, also by Keith Turner in the Seething Post Office.

Our wine tasting and tour season has started so please do book ahead and John will give you a tour of the vineyard and winery where you will learn about the process of winemaking and how it varies depending on the type of wine to be produced. Following this you will be given a guided wine tasting with a variety of English wines in addition to Chet Valley Wines. Local cheese and charcuterie will be served with the wines.

In July our French student Elodie will arrive from Lyons to spend 10 weeks working on the vineyard and in the winery. Whilst she is staying with us we hope our spoken French will improve – Ruby’s too! We welcome anyone who would like to meet Elodie to improve their conversational French.

Later this Autumn there will be an opportunity to join in the grape harvest at the end of September, Early October depending on the weather and the ripening of the grapes. A harvest supper will be served at the end of the day for all those volunteers who wish to stay on a little.

Another date for your diary is the 10th November which is the day before the feast day of St Martin of Tours the patron saint of winemakers and viticulturalists (Wine growers). He is also the patron saint of reformed alcoholics ,(!), equestrians, geese, horses and soldiers and cavalry. Quite fitting that his saint’s day coincides with Remembrance Sunday. St Martin is often depicted sharing his cloak with a beggar and it is hoped this scene will be replicated in some way oOn Saturday the 10th November when it ise planned to process from where St Martins church used to stand in Bergh Apton, Led by the Reverend Chris Ellis, across the fields and down “Wrong lane” across the vineyard to the winery at Chet Valley Vineyard. Here there will be a celebration of St Martin with wine, food and fireworks. Tickets for the evening event will be on sale at £10 each with proceeds going towards the Church Heating and lighting fund. Please contact us at chetandwaveney.vineyard@gmail.com for tickets or ring 01508 333002.


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